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Airline Artifacts

EBU Livery Highlight Fuselage Sections [Series 2]

EBU Livery Highlight Fuselage Sections [Series 2]

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These items are as pictured and come in various shapes and sizes due to where they were removed from the jet.

Approximate Dimensions:

  • Tall rectangle with green, navy & orange [600mm x 110mm]
  • Trapezoidal orange dots, navy & purple w/ blade disassembly scars [430mm x 370mm]
  • Square with navy and green stripe [430mm x 330mm]
  • Trapezoidal green with parallel rivets [430mm x 340mm]
  • Narrow blue with raised rivet line [430mm x 100mm]
  • Triangular tall with purple, blue & orange [570mm x 220mm]
  • Skinny green and blue with white dot and rivets [1000mm x 50mm]
  • Tall Skinny green and yellow [1200mm x 30mm]
  • Yellow red and green with triple rivets [460mm x 60mm]
  • Short yellow and green [400mm x 40mm]
  • Wide blue with raised rivets [400mm x 110mm]
  • Light blue with green (curved) [850mm x 40mm]

Our restoration process has revealed the original 2005 livery, including wear and all the hallmarks of a life well travelled, in accordance with our Condition Policy.

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