EBU's non-destructible rego plate: one of a kind

EBU's non-destructible rego plate: one of a kind

In the world of aviation, a revolutionary innovation emerged to enhance safety and traceability: non-destructible aircraft registration plates.

Traditionally, aircraft identification relied on metal plates affixed to the aircraft's exterior, but these plates were vulnerable to wear and tear from weather, maintenance, and usage. This posed concerns about the accuracy of aircraft identification.

Enter the non-destructible aircraft registration plates. These plates were crafted from a unique blend of materials engineered to withstand the harshest conditions. They resisted corrosion, abrasion, UV radiation, and chemicals, remaining pristine and legible throughout an aircraft's life.

Today, these unassuming plates play a vital role in ensuring every flight's accuracy, accountability, and safety.

We were pleased to find EBU's non destructible registration plate intact in the cabin near door L5 and thought that there would be no better way to present this unique and truly one-of-a-kind piece of the aircraft but mounted on a colourful section of the exterior of the aircraft fuselage.

View the item here.

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