Sales Policy / Terms of Sale

General Conditions

  1. Airline Artifacts specialises in the sale of authentic end-of-life airliner components to collectors and enthusiasts. Our products are former industrial components. Customers recognise the danger to their health and safety and must take due care in relation to their handling, display, and use. Components are for adults only and may pose risk of serious injury due to their construction, materials, size, weight, and original design purpose.
  2. Sale is prohibited to any state that is subject to sanctions enacted by the Governments of the United States or Australia or the European Union.
  3. Items are unsuitable for any ‘airworthy’ purpose; such sale is prohibited.

Condition Policy

  1. The Condition of all items is ‘heavily’ used. All components are removed from a retired aircraft that has circumnavigated the globe thousands of times, across multiple decades. During this time, items may have been replaced, serviced, or repaired by former owners. Items are not in ‘showroom-new’ condition.
  2. Airline Artifacts is committed to honestly representing the condition of items at time of sale. High resolution photos are available of all items for Customers to assess acceptability of condition. Given the age and service history of items, they may differ from ‘showroom-new’ condition such as in ways including (but not limited to) the following:

    a. Scrapes and dents;
    b. Paint defects, corrosion, and touch-ups;
    c. Engineering repairs and modifications;
    d. Brittleness;
    e. Loss of function; and/or
    f. Dirt, wear and tear from use.


  1. Airline Artifacts takes all care in the preparation and packaging of items for shipping to customer. Customer is responsible for the condition of goods from point of dispatch, and we recommend the purchase of shipping insurance.

Warranty and Returns

  1. To the extent permitted by the Australian Consumer Law, all items are sold without guarantee or warranty of any kind. Returns are not accepted for:

    a. Change of mind; and/or
    b. if the product is unfit for its intended purpose.

These terms of sale are effective the 15th September 2023.