Feature Mosiac of Fuselage Turtle Framed

Feature Mosiac of Fuselage Turtle Framed

A jumbo jet is an enormous machine. How do you honour the scale of its livery at end of life? This framed mosaic seeks to do just that.

Hand-cut and irregularly shaped, the mosaic is comprised of nine aluminium tiles taken from the forward left-hand fuselage. Sections of a turtle shell is depicted. The tiles are float-mounted, referencing the once-floating nature of its subject. 

The tiles are cut around the ribs and stringers that provide the structure and strength to the airframe, and we elected not to trim these for framing, so as to not lose any further part of the underlying paint and to tell the story of the removal process.

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This is a large-scale celebration of VH-EBU's livery as it was in 2005. It would be suitable for a feature wall of at least 2 metres width. It measures 1600mm x 1200mm and has been professionally box-framed with white background and inlay, and black frame.

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