OEB returns home!

Dear Collectors,

OEB has finally returned home to Australian waters and we are excited to announce that the container and its contents should be with us within the next fortnight.

Unfortunately, the situation in the Suez Canal over the past few weeks has meant that shipping traffic globally, Australia included, has been interrupted in part due to the rerouting of goods and as a result our consignment has been subject to a slight delay.

Our container has now been trans-shipped onto the Maersk Semakau and currently is dropping by Melbourne for a cup of coffee and to do some Graffiti before it heads back up to the Port of Brisbane and then on to our door.

You can track the ship’s voyage back to Brisbane here: https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/home/shipid:730430

After arrival in Brisbane, the container and its contents will need to clear customs, be inspected and fumigated before being forwarded to us on the Gold Coast.

We look forward to finally being receiving your items and, as soon as we do, the team will be in full swing preparing your orders and organizing shipping and collections.

-The Airline Artifacts Team

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